Frequently asked questions about the Model 80 Bike-Away

Question: Will the Bike-Away work for girls' bicycles?

Answer: Yes. A typical girls' bicycle has a place to hook one rack under the frame tubes located under the rider's seat and the other rack under the bicycles' top tube.

Question: How many bicycles will the Bike-Away handle?

Answer: The Model 80 Bike-Away is rated for 80 pounds, as long as you don't exceed the 80 pound maximum lifting weight, you can store as many bicycles as will fit. The Bike-Away will comfortably support two bicycles.

Question: Can I use my Bike-Away storage elevator for objects other than Bicycles?

Answer: Yes, the storage elevator will accommodate other objects such as golf clubs (or any other object) as long as the load doesn't weigh more than 80 pounds.

Question: I'd like mount the Bike-Away on a concrete wall. How do I do it?

Answer: The Bike-Away storage elevator comes with all the hardware to mount to a wooden stud wall. But if you would like to mount it to concrete wall you will need to obtain the proper 1/4 fasteners and expansion bushings from a hardware store to do the job. It is very important that the top fastener be securely attached and that it will support the entire weight of the unit and the weight of the bikes you plan to store. If you do not feel comfortable in performing the installation, have the unit professionally installed by a qualified technician.

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